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How to use mirror to decorate your home

Using mirrors to decorate your rooms can be a great idea for many reasons. They give a feeling of spaciousness, generate greater luminosity and can result in perfect complements for the rest of the furniture if the right frame is chosen. To help you know how to use them, we will give you some very

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Why choose altamares?

Price, values such as location, services and the quality of construction materials are the qualities most appreciated by buyers when choosing a home, according to this article in El Confidencial. The other great concept described in the report is “differentiation”; qualities such as common areas that make it special when choosing your new home. What

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Five reasons to live in San Jose

That the Almeria coast is a paradisiacal place is no longer a secret for almost no-one. Crystal-clear waters, unspoilt beaches, charming villages and a rich marine fauna make up a unique corner of the Mediterranean. At Alprosan we know that living in an environment with these characteristics is a privilege that everyone would like to

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Will 2019 be a good year to buy a house?

After a period in which the price of housing has not stopped but growing, we stop to reflect on what will be of the market in this year that has just begun. Now that the real estate crisis that started in 2008 has been overcome, prices have been gradually increasing during the last few years,

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Why having your kids share a room can be a great idea.

Being lucky enough to grow up with a brother or sister is a privilege that not all children enjoy. For this reason, it is the parents’ duty to try to foster a good relationship between them, one that becomes stronger over time and that forms a bond that will last a lifetime. Two-bedroom homes in

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10 reason to live in Aguadulce

Aguadulce has grown a lot in recent times. Some of the reasons why customers increasingly are looking for this area to live in are: – Aguadulce is located in a privileged tourist enclave on the coast of Almeria, just minutes from the centre of Almería. – It is very well communicated. – It has a

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Housing for real demand, valuing quality more than quantity

At Alprosan we build new houses in Almería, with quality as a priority in all of them. We prefer to focus on making houses of excellent workmanship, designed to meet all the needs of our customers, rather than make numerous promotions and lose the quality for which we are renowned. Our priority objective is that

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We continue working in privileged environments

At Alprosan your satisfaction is our priority, that is why we do not stop looking for the best places to continue creating happiness. We study the best locations, we look for unique spaces for our promotions, with the best services and providing added value to the houses with all the facilities that are meticulously designed

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Duplex by the sea

The works at the residential complex Altamares II in Aguadulce continue to evolve at a good pace and before we know it we will be entering our new home and fulfilling one of our most cherished dreams. Alprosan has thought of everything with these wonderful duplexes, in a privileged setting and very close to our

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New website!

Alprosan launches a new website where you can find all the necessary information about the houses we have delivered, the ones we have in project and the ones we are making: plans, measurements, characteristics, qualities, exact location … Our clients will have at their fingertips all the details of each one of the houses and

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