How to use mirror to decorate your home

Using mirrors to decorate your rooms can be a great idea for many reasons. They give a feeling of spaciousness, generate greater luminosity and can result in perfect complements for the rest of the furniture if the right frame is chosen.

To help you know how to use them, we will give you some very useful tips to make the most of this so undervalued resource.

The first thing to bear in mind is that the mirror must be the correct one, in line with the interior design we carry out in that room. Choosing an appropriate frame, together with other pieces, is fundamental to create the harmony we are looking for.

A mirror can become the centre of attention in a room. If you’re looking for one with the right size, shape and frame, it can create such an attraction that all eyes go towards it. What if you try to combine them? It can be a great idea to use several discreet, small mirrors on the same wall to create an impressive mosaic.

Do you need to gain space? Then mirrors are your ideal solution. These pieces can become real imaginary ‘windows’ that generate space where it does not exist. Look for the right angle and size and fill a room that needs to breathe with amplitude and depth.

Beware of sizes. Although we encourage you to take risks with your mirror configurations, we suggest an infallible rule not to lose the harmony of the room. Make sure that the mirror you place does not exceed 2/3 of the size of the nearest piece of furniture, so that you do not create an unpleasant imbalance.

And you, in what other ways have you used mirrors in the decoration of your home?

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