Five reasons to live in San Jose

That the Almeria coast is a paradisiacal place is no longer a secret for almost no-one. Crystal-clear waters, unspoilt beaches, charming villages and a rich marine fauna make up a unique corner of the Mediterranean.

At Alprosan we know that living in an environment with these characteristics is a privilege that everyone would like to enjoy. For this reason, we have created for you Genoveses 58, an ideal space as part of an unparalleled Natural Park such as Cabo de Gata-Níjar. A place full of light, nature and life that will change you.

And to make sure you have no doubt that San José is the perfect place to spend your days, we give you five tips to discover it for yourself.


1 – For the charm of the village. Although San José is considered, between quotation marks, the capital of Cabo de Gata, it is a small village of about 800 inhabitants that increases to something more than double when the summer season arrives. It has a characteristic architecture of white houses, distinctive from the distance, which gives it that touch of “village of a lifetime”, it is so incredibly charming. It has the ideal balance between tradition and tranquillity without giving up on a good amount of services and all the comforts.


2 – For its unique beaches. The coast of Almeria, and in particular that of Cabo de Gata, has some of the few stretches of virgin beaches that remain in Europe. Until very recently, these were unexplored places that preserve the essence of nature in its pure state. The beaches of Genoveses, Mónsul or Cala Higuera are examples of some of these paradises that are just a stone’s throw away from San José.


3 – For the varied offer of recreational activities. In addition to the relaxation and tranquillity of being in a place isolated from the madding crowd, San José is well connected and only a few kilometres from other small urban centres such as Los Escullos, La Isleta del Moro and the village of Cabo de Gata, where you can find a wide range of restaurants, water sports, nightlife and family entertainment.


4 – For the gastronomy of the area. One of the best reasons to visit Almeria, in the year that it has become the Spanish Gastronomical Capital, is because of its culinary tradition. A repertoire full of delicious dishes from the sea and the land that will make the most demanding palate vibrate. And San José is precisely one of the villages where this is exalted. Where else can you taste fresh fish or seafood, freshly brought in by a boat that has docked just a few metres from the restaurant? Unparalleled experiences.


5 – For its nature. Nestled in the heart of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, San José has landscapes that have even been part of Hollywood blockbusters due to their spectacular nature. A protected area that preserves all the charm of nature at its best. An ideal place to explore with your family and learn together about unique flora and fauna, both on land and at sea, not found anywhere else in the world.

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