Housing for real demand, valuing quality more than quantity

At Alprosan we build new houses in Almería, with quality as a priority in all of them. We prefer to focus on making houses of excellent workmanship, designed to meet all the needs of our customers, rather than make numerous promotions and lose the quality for which we are renowned.

Our priority objective is that our homes meet all the specifications demanded by our customers not only in what is seen, but in terms of structural elements, insulation, waterproofing … always trying to exceed customer expectations and gain their full confidence in us.

In addition to making our buildings perfectly, we carefully consider all the details that can improve the lives of the owners of our houses, so we look for the best locations to carry out our works, with the best services and everything necessary to make life more comfortable and easier.

When you know our promotions, you will not be able to let them slip away, we offer the best in housings as far as quality, amenities, services, and many more details that you will be able to know first-hand in our latest promotions and next projects.

Come and we will gladly inform you of all the details!

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