Why choose altamares?

Price, values such as location, services and the quality of construction materials are the qualities most appreciated by buyers when choosing a home, according to this article in El Confidencial. The other great concept described in the report is “differentiation”; qualities such as common areas that make it special when choosing your new home.

What do you think if we tell you that Altamares meets all these requirements, point by point?

The location of our residential complex, in Aguadulce Sur, makes it a space surrounded by peace. With all the comforts and access to all kinds of services. Aguadulce is a municipality belonging to Roquetas de Mar, separated from it by less than five kilometres and barely 15 minutes from the city of Almeria. It has a growing offer of leisure activities and restaurants, a very quiet urban beach with a family atmosphere and a marina where you can enjoy pleasant walks by the sea. A perfect place to live with your family, with schools, green areas, supermarkets and everything you need for your everyday life.

Within this perfect framework that is Aguadulce, the Altamares residential complex achieves another quality step within the real estate offer of the area.  Homes with the highest construction qualities that are complemented by their spectacular common areas. A play ground to have fun in complete safety next to your little ones; a meeting room, to receive your personal or business visitors and hold events in the comfort of your home; an incredible swimming pool with indoor solarium, where you can enjoy the warm months and a private gym to take care of your body just a few metres from home.

And, as we are 100% sure that you will love Altamares, we have a promotional stand where we will inform you in detail about our promotion and where we will be delighted to receive you. Do not be left wanting, it is time to change your life: live again.

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