Will 2019 be a good year to buy a house?

After a period in which the price of housing has not stopped but growing, we stop to reflect on what will be of the market in this year that has just begun. Now that the real estate crisis that started in 2008 has been overcome, prices have been gradually increasing during the last few years, which has turned this sector into an interesting one for investment. But, in addition, it has also encouraged those looking for a home to again decide to buy one instead of opting for the seemingly growing trend in favour of renting.

The question now is: will this positive trend continue in 2019? Those who know best agree that it will, although they warn that the growth rate will slow down in the coming months. A piece of news that, although it might seem the opposite, is very positive, according to experts. This path, which is somewhat slower, translates into a good perspective since a long and continuous cycle is expected. A period in which the increase in the price of housing will be around 3-5%, percentages that are fully manageable and solid.

In addition, as explained in this article by Coinc, for families it is a great opportunity, as the financing conditions are at a very good point.

On the other hand, surveys show that citizens have regained confidence in the real estate sector. According to Solvia, the author of this study, the certainty that prices will go up, coupled with the perception that there will be less and less supply, confirm that people consider that it is a good time to buy a house. At the same time we must add that, on the contrary, it is generally thought that it is not a good time to sell.

In short, and as it can be deducted from the different sources that can be consulted, the experts conclude that 2019 will continue to be a good year for the property market. A time in which getting a house is going to be a good decision based on the data available.

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