Quality policy

ALPROSAN’s Management, is aware of its commitment to its customers in the real estate development and marketing sector by establishing in its organization a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

This policy is publicly available and provides the framework for establishing and reviewing the following objectives:

  • Ensure that the services and products offered to its customers are timely, reliable and comply with applicable laws, specifications, standards and codes.
  • Perform work and provide services in a manner that corresponds to the offer and customer expectations.
  • Provide them with all available information, support and advice as required.
  • Establish training programs to ensure that personnel have the appropriate level of qualification to carry out the activities included in the System.
  • Maintain permanent contact with its customers and suppliers, in order to be able to collaborate in the improvement of its services, from the quality point of view.
  • Involve and motivate personnel to seek their open participation in the Quality Management System implemented.
  • Comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to its activities, as well as other requirements that may be subscribed.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality in the processing, handling and archiving of customer-related data.
  • Adopt actions for continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the System and prevention of quality deviations, according to the real possibilities of the Company.

Management will establish the necessary plans and resources, within its General Policy, to achieve the objectives established in the Quality Policy.

The Quality Manual is the document that contains the philosophy and guidelines of the Quality Management System, which are developed in the different procedures referred to therein.

It is the responsibility of the entire ALPROSAN organization to comply with the provisions of the System and, fundamentally, of the people in charge of carrying out the activities included in it.

The Management delegates to the Quality Manager the implementation and verification of compliance with the System, for which he/she is given the necessary authority and independence within the Company’s organization.

Almería, December 9, 2016.

Luis Sanchez Maldonado – MANAGER